Untangling Jewellery Hack October 27 2020

Have you got a nightmare going on in your Jewellery Box?

If you're anything like me you haven't quite nailed the jewellery storage game and if so it's more than likely that there has been some tangling.
I always seem to be in a massive hurry when I need that certain necklace which you bet your life is firmly knotted around 3 other necklaces, a pair of earrings and a bangle!! So frustrating!

As we're back to partial lockdown here I thought it was the perfect opportunity to research some detangling hacks and tackle the knotted disaster area.

Read on to find out how I reclaimed my old loved pieces from this tangled

If I can do it you can too!


Yes this is an actual real life clump of jewellery straight out of my jewellery box! 

An extreme example but I wanted to give this a proper test.



What do I need?

Baby powder


2 pins/needles/cocktail sticks

Glass of wine


Glass of wine (just the one though!)

Relaxing tunes


Put jewellery in bowl & add baby powder

Make sure all knots are well covered.



Place on a flat surface

Undo all clasps & remove any charms you can.

Make sure you have good light.



Hands untangling knotted chains with pins

Pick a knot

Put one pin into the middle of a knot

Gently wiggle to create a space.

Put the other pin in the space and gently move the pins away from each other to tease knot apart.


chains partially untangled with pins


Stay calm.

Do NOT throw it all out of the window!

Add more baby powder if you need to. It acts as a lubricant.


untangled chains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, ring

Ta Dah!

Not a knot to be seen!

Now simply wash the powder off with water and a drop of washing up liquid & dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

untangled jewellery stored in separate zip lock bags

Stop it happening again.

Keep your lovely jewellery knot free.

Put it in separate zip lock bags.

This will help keep it tarnish free too.


Congratulations! Your jewels are all ready to wear!

You're welcome. 

Oorla x