January Birthstone- Gorgeous Garnet January 23 2016

Garnet is the traditional birthstone for January.

By her who in this month is born,

No gem save garnets should be worn;

They will ensure her constancy,

True friendship, and fidelity

Garnet is named after the latin, ‘granatum’ which means pomegranate, because of the stone’s similarity to the colour of pomegranate seeds. Garnets range from the size of a grain of sand to an apple.

It is considered a stone of regeneration, energy and balance. It is said to banish negativity and enhance self worth, to increase prosperity, creativity, courage and strength . Garnet represents love and can bring understanding, warmth, devotion and sincerity to relationships. It is said to control anger particularly towards oneself.

Garnet is an ancient symbol of friendship- exchanged between friends on parting to signify affection and to ensure they will meet again.

It has long been popular as a protective stone for travellers.