Meet Oorla


Oorla Jewellery was founded in 2010 when, disillusioned with the mass produced accessories on offer, Oorla decided to use her creative skills to develop her own line of jewellery. Drawing on her fascination with details in the natural world, and in particular the way colours affect one another, she designed her first collection.

A focus on the tiny variations in pattern and texture which occur in nature led to Oorla's distinctive style and can be seen in every piece she produces. Each collection is handcrafted in Oorla's studio near Hampton Court, where she combines a love for traditional silver smithing skills with a desire to produce contemporary, wearable jewellery.

The individual pieces are delicate, yet made to last using the highest quality materials; sterling silver, Thai Hill Tribe silver, gold filled and beautiful sparkling gemstones from Jaipur. 

Oorla has designed exclusive ranges for the National Trust and her work recently received recognition when she won Essential Surrey's Best Local Maker award.