The quality of my jewellery is of the utmost importance to me.

I use only the finest materials I can source as I strongly believe that your jewellery should last a life time with the correct care. - see here for care advice.

Sterling silver manufactured in the UK - 92.5% pure + 7.5% copper (copper is added for durability as fine silver is very soft.)

Fine silver manufactured in the UK - 99% pure silver 

All silver is now 100% recycled.

Gold filled - I use this wherever possible because of the gorgeous colour, durability and relative affordability of this metal. The layer of gold is 14 carat and is at least 100 times thicker than ordinary gold plate. The gold is heat and pressure bonded to a base metal (brass) and is considered a life time product when cared for appropriately. The gold will not flake, rub or peel off or tarnish with wear. It's very good for allergy sufferers as the gold layer is so thick.

Where gold filled cannot be used because of the processes needed for the design (if a piece needs lots of soldering like a gemstone ring or if it is cast (3D) or parts are melted) I now offer a thick gold vermeil finish.

Gold vermeil - this is a layer of 22-24 carat gold over sterling or Hill Tribe silver.

Sparkling gemstones from Jaipur - gemstones are a natural product and as such are subject to slight variations in colour and shape.

Quartz druzy -Druzy is formed over millions of years when mineral rich water seeps into crevices in rock. The water evaporates and a fine layer of tiny sparkling crystals forms. Quartz is the most common type of druzy due to the abundance of silica on the earth’s surface. Most druzy is cut from the centre of geodes. I love the glittering surface! I only use natural colours and as each shape is cut from natural rock by skilled artisans, every one is unique. The stones are then electroplated in copper then silver or gold. 

Please be aware that the colour of the jewellery may not be represented exactly by your computer monitor.