A Whistle Stop Introduction to Oorla Jewellery November 25 2020

A brief introduction to Oorla and her handmade jewellery; history, inspiration and methods.

Untangling Jewellery Hack October 27 2020

Have you got a nightmare going on in your Jewellery Box? If you're anything like me you haven't quite nailed the jewellery storage game and if so it's more than likely that there has been some tangling.

Read on to find out how to untangle the knots without losing the plot using a few household items.

A blog post all about Oorla Jewellery on From Britain with Love August 01 2018

A recent blogpost from the lovely Laura at the UK directory and blog 'From Britain with Love' , all about making life simply beautiful with the best of Bristish designers and craftspeople and creative courses.